About the Author


Natalie J. Case is an author and poet living in Walnut Creek, CA. With varied interests, each work is an exploration into worlds that she builds from blocks of current events, ancient lore and pure fantasy. She delves into the realms of science fiction and urban fantasy, thrillers and horror, pulling out elements that suit her needs and crafting stories with vampires, empaths, witches, healers, shape-shifters, politicians, apocalypses and more.

She currently has four releases with publisher Creativia, including her first release, the book Forever which is the story of a woman born of a vampire in the dark before history in the Caucasus mountains, her long life stretched out before her as she struggles to reconcile herself to her human heart and her vampire needs.  It is a story of self-exploration, loss, love and need.

The other three books are a trilogy that tell the stories of an alternative United States, where healers known as Shades are feared and cast as the enemy.  The story follows several Shades, as well as Shadows, Shifters and Sages as they try to survive the civil war that looms over their heads.

When she isn’t writing for fun, Natalie works as a technical writer and editor, enjoys hiking, crochet and photography.