Editing Services

Are you looking for an editor?  Allow me to offer my services.  I am a published author with eight titles (four under a pen name) and well over 20 years of experience in writing and editing.

My skillset includes technical and business writing, non-fiction and fiction, from pieces as small as 500 words all the way up to 150K words or beyond.

I believe in helping a writer become a better writer.  For me, editing is a bit like being a diamond cutter; I help cut and shape the stone, then hand it back to the author for polishing.

All prices listed below are negotiable, depending on the project.


Technical/Business Writing

Basic Business Manuals (Employee Handbooks, Process and Procedure, etc)

Flat fee: $50 for up to 100 pages. Anything over 100 pages is negotiable

Basic Technical Manuals (Training Manuals, Software Documentation, Service Manuals, etc)

$1/page up to 100 pages
$.80/page for documents over 100 pages up to 300 pages
$.50/page for documents over 300 pages

Over 500 pages, contact me to negotiate

Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

10-Page Treatment:

Want to find out if my editing style works for you?  Not sure about a piece of work and want a second opinion?  This might be the option for you.  Send me ten pages and I will give you a full edit, including any two specific area edits (see below), complete with notes on character, flow, and other observations.

$15/10 pages

Area Specific Edits: 

Need some help brushing up on certain skills?  I have an eye for those things.  Point of View, Dialog, World Building, Tenses, Scene Transitions…all of these are essential to the fiction writer.  I can edit your manuscript with a specific focus on one or more of these areas.

$10/5000 words for one focus
$15/5000 words for two focuses
$20/5000 words for three focuses

Basic Edit:  

Readability and flow, word choices, high level grammar and punctuation. I will point out POV slips, clunky dialog, etc, but will not give it the same focus as above.

$10/5000 words

Full Edit:

Full grammar and punctuation edit, notes on story progression, etc.  Will point out POV slips, clunky dialog, etc, throughout and will offer suggested fixes in the first half of the manuscript.

$35/5000 words

Interested?  Email me at natalie@nataliejcase.com.  For works over 200 pages, I will discount the per 10 pages price.  Contact me to negotiate.