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My weekends, when not completely eaten up with familial or other obligations, usually begin with writing.  I drink coffee and throw words at the page on whatever project I’m working on until either (or both) the coffee or the words run out, then I get on with the day’s chores. This morning I woke up […]

The last three or four nights, I’ve had really segmented sleep that totals to less than five hours per night, most of it in one to one and a half hour increments.  I’ve also needed to be in the office and at all day meetings this week, plus had social engagements with coworkers from out […]

Today has been the first real writing day since my step-father passed away in May.  It feels so good to be making words happen again.  I have a lot of other things to do this weekend, but the first was writing. I have a lot to chose from when I sit down to write, and […]

It’s hard to fathom that we are here at the first of August.  For those who follow various Pagan religions, today is the First Harvest, known by various names in various traditions, with different ways of marking the holiday. Despite their differences, most of them are ways of celebrating the first fruits of the planting […]

Today began with dropping my favorite coffee mug (well, one of them, in this case the one I keep in the office) on the floor in the office kitchen and smashing it into about five pieces.  Smashing, no? I shook it off and got some coffee started and set out to dig through my email.  […]

My first experience with death came when I was fifteen years old.  In the space of less than seven days, my father’s mother died and a childhood friend died.  Grandma’s passing wasn’t  a big shock, but finding out about Dennis that Monday morning at school was like a punch to my gut. The shock of […]

It’s amazing how time flies by and suddenly you realize you haven’t posted to your blog in weeks.  After my stepfather’s passing, there was pride and in between and since has been the never ending parade of tasks involved in helping my mother move on. She moved in with my brother and his family yesterday.  […]