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I got my manuscript back from the editor this week, which means evenings and this weekend are made for editing.  It’s always reassuring when the editor comments throughout with kudos along with the editing. I’m fortunate to have a pretty awesome editor who never fails to help my work be better.  She’s worth every penny […]

When I first started writing the story that would become the Shades and Shadows series, I began with the idea that as a nation, the United States had a tendency to not only other people, but to foist our fears and anger onto those others and I followed it through to what I thought could be the outcome, […]

I used to think that writing a book was a big accomplishment.  Then it became writing a good book was the hard part.  Of course, both don’t begin to compare to the work that comes after the writing is done. You have to find a way to summarize the entire plot of your 300+ pages into a […]

It won’t be long now before this anthology is on it’s way to Amazon for all of you to snap up and enjoy! We’re just finishing up the final little things and then we’ll be off and running.  There are twelve stories for you to enjoy.  But for right now, I have the cover to […]

I woke up this morning to an email from my publisher with a sneak peek at the cover for the anthology I’ve been working on.  I’m excited to get to share this with all of you!  Twelve stories from eleven different Creativia authors. All twelve stories stem from a single prompt, and that is the […]

There is a stillness in the woods.  It isn’t something you can find in the hustle-bustle of a city.  It is something unique to the woods.  Step off the paved road and onto a carpet of grass, fallen leaves, pine needles, step between the trees.  You don’t have to go far to feel it.  Just […]

I am very excited this morning, Readers!  I have just sent book 2 in the Shades and Shadows series to my editor!  I am excited to introduce you to some new characters as well as to continue telling the story of Alaric and Mason. In Gathering Shade picks up right where Through Shade and Shadow left […]