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My focus the last week or so has been on my upcoming surgery, which means not much writing gets done.  I still try to take at least fifteen minutes to write every day, even if it is a half a poem or the sketch of a story idea. Every word is a struggle right now, […]

My weekends are normally pretty domestic.  If I can manage to stay in my pajamas the whole weekend, I count it a victory.  Some of that is due to the agoraphobia, some of it is just introversion and lack of desire to be among people. Today, I am venturing off toward Fisherman’s Wharf in San […]

The guiding principle that I follow is simple: Kindness Matters. From the tiny gestures like holding the elevator for someone, or a smile in passing to the bigger gestures like buying coffee or lunch for someone to the grandiose gestures, like paying off someone’s debt or buying someone a car…it all matters. I try to […]

I spent a lot of hours in the world of Shades and Shadows as I was writing and editing it.  It isn’t a comfortable world, and over the years, the story moved and changed, things got edited out that I once loved because they just didn’t fit the story any more, and everything morphed as […]

For four days, starting tomorrow (1/10/19), the kindle version of Where Shadows Fall will be free, so if you need to get your hands on this series conclusion, this may be your time! Recently, Where Shadows Fall received a five star review from Reader’s Favorite reviewer, Liz Konkel.  She had this to say in her […]

I haven’t really talked enough about Where Shadows Fall. I struggled a bit with getting this book done, maybe in part because I knew it would be the end of my living in that world, at least for a while. The grand finale takes place in Washington D.C., which I think was rather inevitable, given […]

It’s an odd thing, really.  By which I mean time and our visions of the future.  We’ve arrived at the year 2019, which past us predicted would be in varying degrees of dystopian decay, with technology that we haven’t quite realized. We may be well on our way to dystopian entropy, given our current political, […]