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I’ve always dreamed of getting to watch the sunrise over Stonehenge on the Solstice.  While I’ve seen Stonehenge, it was closer to the Winter Solstice than the summer version. I’ll admit, summer isn’t my favorite season.  The heat and the sun don’t treat my worn out old body kindly.  But I do enjoy the sunsets […]

There is something about a quiet office in the very early morning when you’re the only one there that is very nice.  I needed to get in early to make up for completely missing yesterday. I’m dealing with some terrible side affects from a new medication increase, and that on top of the migraine I […]

I know it’s cliche to say something about how fast the year is moving, but seriously, how is it June?  Granted I lost a few weeks there with dealing with my step-father’s death and the chaos that surrounds an unexpected end, but still! For me, June is a crazy busy month.  The kind that makes […]

My stepfather died on Friday at a few minutes after 2pm, more than two hours after we pulled the life support. When I first met Robert Flory twenty-one years ago, I was not his biggest fan, I’ll admit.  I thought he wasn’t good enough for my mother, I thought he was a gruff old man, […]

My week started with a phone call from my mother on Sunday in the early morning hours.  My step father had a heart attack and since then we’ve been living in the waiting room of the CICU unit, getting pulled back and forth between hope and despair. This means most of life is on hold, […]

I am knee deep into editing an anthology of awesome stories told by amazing female writers.  It’s a wonderful assortment that spans sci-fi, fantasy and horror and in some cases mixes them together. It’s always interesting to me how individual writers interpret a prompt or theme.  The theme here is all about rebellion and ghosts, […]

Hello, my name is Natalie, and I live with chronic pain.  To be fair, I live with several chronic conditions, and pain is only one of them.  Recently, I’ve come to realized how skewed my pool of friends, loved ones and associates is toward those who share this living situation. I’ve only been in the […]