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Have you ever sat yourself down to write something, but the words just don’t come?  I think most writers have done battle with the brick wall that is writer’s block, and we all have our own ways of trying to break through. I’ve been pretty fortunate in my life to almost always have several diverse […]

Do you know what imposter syndrome is?  I don’t know a single creative who isn’t plagued by it at some point in their career, if not through their whole career. I am no different. It usually hits about now, when I have submitted a book to an editor and I’m waiting for the return.  There’s […]

This is my busy time of year.  I have a full time job, of course.  I am working on writing one book, editing another and have several editing jobs on the horizon.  And, I work as the Community Partners Donations Team Manager for the San Francisco Pride festival.  Pride is just about two months away, […]

Happy Friday, Readers!  It’s a wet, wet day here in San Francisco, but I’m safely in the office and the coffee is hot! I thought I’d take a minute today and talk about one of the “issues” I battle everyday.  See, I’m an agoraphobic.  Taken literally, the translation from the greek means “fear of the […]

I’m a writer.  Left to my own devices, I would probably never stop fiddling with a story.  I still find places in things I wrote twenty years ago that I’d change, fix, re-write, update, flesh out….you get the idea. So there comes a point in every manuscript where I have to make myself take my […]

Today and tomorrow only, my first book, Forever is on sale for your Kindle pleasure.  Just 99 cents gets you a gothic tale of a girl born into a family of vampires, and her life as she grew to understand her differences, sought her freedom, loved, lost and more. “I am comfortable in the dark, […]

I’m in the office over an hour earlier than normal this morning because I need to leave early to shoot some senior portraits for a lovely young lady. So early in fact, none of the restaurants down stairs were open when I got here. The office is dark and quiet and I’m the only one […]