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Evan Chayton is a Shifter, though he keeps that fact very well guarded.  As he first appears in the beginning of In Gathering Shade, only a small group of people know his secret.  He is also a military man who is assigned to Adam Darvin’s secretive organization. Raven chooses him to be her handler when Adam […]

I know I’ve been absent of late.  And I haven’t introduced any characters in a couple weeks.  Somewhere along the line, I got a pinched nerve in my neck, and it’s really stifled my ability to be on a computer.  In fact today is the first time that I have typed more than a few […]

Like Raven, we first meet Mila and Maddie in Through Shade and Shadow, though they are largely relegated to the background.  When we first meet them, Alaric and his friends, following a vision, help them escape from the 8th Battalion along with Sahara. Mila is nineteen. Maddie has just turned sixteen.  Through that first encounter […]

I almost forgot to let you know that Through Shade and Shadow is currently free for kindle, now (well, starting yesterday) through September 3rd! You read that right!  FREE! Just in time to be ready for In Gathering Shade, get Through Shade and Shadow for your kindle, and if you’re up for it, write a […]

We met Raven briefly in Through Shade and Shadow, as one of the agents that Mason Jerah works with at the unnamed government agency, but in the next book, In Gathering Shade, Raven comes to the foreground. We first meet her when she is helping an instructor teach hand to hand skills to a group […]

I spent my evenings last week working through the edits sent to me by my amazing Editor and by Saturday morning it was time for a final read through to make sure I had carried some changes all the way through. Sunday at around noon, I was done and all that was left was sending […]

Today is the day, everyone!  The very first, multi-author anthology for Creativia publishing is LIVE. Dragons, magic, fairies, angels, vampires, knights, a gollum, a vengeful child’s toy, a depressed cashier, a bridge made of stars, and a donkey… What do they all have in common? An appearance in this anthology. This collection of short stories […]