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I have a form of agoraphobia.  I’ve stopped saying “mild agoraphobia” because then it gets dismissed as not a problem and then people don’t understand why I have days like today. Today, I woke up feeling anxious.  My heart was beating fast, and when I thought about leaving the house, the beat picked up momentum. […]

You’d think that, having lived in California for nearly 17 years now, and having moved here from the heat of El Paso, Texas, I would be accustomed to the heat.  When I left New York for El Paso, I welcomed that heat.  All those years growing up in snow drifts taller than I was made […]

Image by PETEWILL VIA GETTY IMAGES Today, as  I was walking to work I was noticing that there were a larger number of homeless than I am accustomed to seeing.  All of the “regulars” were around, and I checked in with those I’ve been friendly with, at least by eye contact, as I generally do. […]

(image via http://streamline.filmstruck.com/) I will admit that I have had a lifelong fascination/obsession with vampires.  It started young.  I remember watching Salem’s Lot  when I was just a wee eleven years old.    I’m not cognizant of any significant vampire related moments prior to that, but I have very vivid memories of watching it on TV in […]

Here we are again, another Monday, another day in the office.  We’re into the middle of July already, which seems ludicrous, really.  Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us! I have something to celebrate, however, and we don’t have to wait for Christmas!  My first book with Creativia Publishing is on […]

Ah, that feeling of a well deserved and well executed vacation.  Is there anything better? My mother and I took advantage of the long holiday weekend to visit north of the Bay Area, traipsing through the Avenue of the Giants, up to Eureka, over to a Pioneer Cemetery in Ferndale, CA, down to the Humboldt […]

Wow, it’s been a while.  Sorry about that!  It turns out that working a full time job, working a consulting gig for Pride, editing an anthology and writing a book all at the same time can keep a person ridiculously busy. Who knew? It also makes a person forgetful.   But, Pride weekend is upon […]