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Saturdays are my writing days.  I spend my mornings visiting in the worlds I have created and drawing out the stories of those who live there.  I have, in recent weeks spent much of my writing time creating a new world, but this morning I am once again submerged into the world that is Shades […]

Anyone who knows me knows that I love old cemeteries.  LOVE them.  I have ever since I can remember.  My first real memory of a cemetery was when I was around 5 or 6, I think.  It might be the summer before I turned 6 (my birthday is in September), or the next summer. My […]

I realized this morning that it’s been a while since I posted here.  The reasons are many: the continued issue with the pinched nerve, getting back to work full time, taking on an editing job, plus working on a new anthology, plus two novels currently in progress…all of which means I haven’t really had much […]

When you write for a living, both in your day job and on the side, a minor injury that limits your time on a keyboard can sideline you a lot longer than seems reasonable.  I’m a pretty gung ho person with both a high tolerance for pain and a solid work ethic, which means sitting […]

I asked myself this morning what it was I wanted to do today. Aside from the obvious answer (writing), I heard myself say “let’s give away some books!” I thought that was an amazing idea! So, let’s do that! Contest opens tomorrow, runs through November 15th. Prize package will include, at minimum, one copy each […]

My Goodreads giveaway ends on the 31st at midnight!  Get your name in to win a signed copy of Forever, plus possibly some other little goodies! Drawing is on Halloween, and I’ll get the book out in the mail right after. Who doesn’t want some vampires for Halloween?

Hey Readers, hope you are well.  I wanted to stop in today to talk about my first novel, Forever.  Seeing as Halloween is just around the corner and Forever is a vampire novel, I thought the two would make a great match, so I have set up a Goodreads giveaway. The giveaway opens for entries on […]