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By the time you are reading this, I will probably be somewhere on the road between Paris and Milan with my good friend and some good music at the start of our epic Italy road trip. I figured since my normal Wednesday post would be pre-empted by a travel day, I’d pre-write it! I’m such […]

I recently discovered that Star Trek: The Next Generation is on Netflix.  This fills me with a ridiculous amount of glee.  I have been watching it every evening this week, starting right from the beginning. Star Trek is a part of my DNA.  Some of my earliest tangible memories are around watching the original series […]

I’m the first one in the office a lot of days.  Today is no different.  I’m the only one here, at least for a little bit longer.  Outside the window, the sun is bright and blinding when the scattered clouds aren’t hiding it.  The alarm system on the door was tripped before I got here, […]

As I was looking for a book, I came across a small cache of copies of Through Shade and Shadow with the original cover.  If you recall, when we released In Gathering Shade, we redesigned the cover. So here I sit with a bunch of the old covers and I thought that would be a […]

My weekends, when not completely eaten up with familial or other obligations, usually begin with writing.  I drink coffee and throw words at the page on whatever project I’m working on until either (or both) the coffee or the words run out, then I get on with the day’s chores. This morning I woke up […]

The last three or four nights, I’ve had really segmented sleep that totals to less than five hours per night, most of it in one to one and a half hour increments.  I’ve also needed to be in the office and at all day meetings this week, plus had social engagements with coworkers from out […]

Today has been the first real writing day since my step-father passed away in May.  It feels so good to be making words happen again.  I have a lot of other things to do this weekend, but the first was writing. I have a lot to chose from when I sit down to write, and […]