Mörderin (The Blood Witch Saga Book 2)


Seeking to reunite her family, Thána and her mother Alaina head back to the world where Daria lives with her husband and son.

The once vibrant city where people traveled freely through a collection of portals has been reduced to rubble, and Daria is now a prisoner of the invading army. With her magic still in nascent stages, Thána agrees to a daring and dangerous rescue mission with Daria’s husband and friends, once again putting her life on the line for a family she barely knows.

To make it work she has to push her magical skills to their very limit and rely on those she’s only just met, not to mention breaking into a prison camp and getting out again in one piece. How hard could it be?

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Thanátou (The Blood Witch Saga Book 1)

Thána Archer thinks she knows what her life is about. A mid-level manager at a manufacturing company, Thána is good at what she does. She doesn’t believe in magic, witches or ghosts, because those things just aren’t real.

One day, a strange man appears with a strange box and an even stranger story about a family Thána has never known. After him there are others seeking to kill her because she is Thanátou, a Blood Witch. Trying to stay one step ahead of the would-be-assassins, she has to race against time to find the mother who abandoned her all those years ago.

To get to safety, Thána will have to sacrifice her freedom. But can she come to terms with the truth about her past, and the magical powers she doesn’t yet understand?

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Available now in ebook, hardcover, and paperback!

Tonight is a collection of poetry from across a lifetime, a journey through joy and pain, darkness and hope, profound desire and despair.

Words run chaotic in my brain, and poetry is often the way that I calm them. These poems are part of me, part of who I am. And I want to share them with you.


Through Shade and Shadow, In Gathering Shade, and Where Shadows Fall are all available in ebook, hardcover, and paperback.

This paranormal thriller trilogy tells the story of Mason Jerah, Alaric Lambrecht, and a host of others as the country devolves into civil war.

Mason Jerah is a Shade, a mythical healer, living in secret in Northern California.  Alaric Lambrecht is a Shadow, an empath and psychic, working alongside his family in the suburbs of Sacramento.

When a serial killer is caught and discovered to be a Shade, it sets in motion an unexpected tidal wave that will affect them both. As the United States begins to tear itself apart with violence and xenophobia, Mason and Alaric are yanked out of their comfortable lives and cast into the turbulent waters of political intrigue and conspiracies, setting them on a collision course, with each other and civil war.

Held captive by the fanatical 8th Battalion, Mason Jerah is convinced he doesn’t have long to live… and he isn’t alone in his captivity. The Shadows have a plan; one that could mean freedom.

Meanwhile, operative Raven Ivany struggles against the forces aligning against Shades and Shadows – Shifters and Sages – and finds an unlikely companion in Zero, a teenage girl with a mysterious past and desire to prove herself.

As the world descends into ever darker chaos, Alaric Lambrecht seeks vengeance. No matter the cost.

In Washington, evil takes another step toward true power. In the west, the 8th Battalion advances a terrible plan. The Shades’ refuge is in ashes.

Alaric’s path takes him deep into 8th Battalion territory, and on a collision course with Raven Ivany and Zero, bringing Shadows and Shifters, Sages and Shades all together with a common enemy.

The question is, can they together take the fight to the mastermind who is tearing the country apart – and defeat him?

Forever is available in both ebook, hardcover and paperback.

Born in the dawn of man’s history, with forever laid out before her, Amara is neither human nor vampire and yet fully both; a killer, a child, a lover, a monster.

She wanders the world seeking redemption and vengeance in equal measure, discovering love in its many forms and loss in its deepest agony, as her life circles around two others who return to her again and again until their fates are set right.

“The ancient game is played out as three souls, born together in the lost pages of time, are as they were meant to be. But to tell that story, my story, I must go back to the beginning. To the time before I came to be. Before any of us had come to be.”