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it’s about time

Is there anything more annoying than all of this daylight savings time nonsense? I mean what purpose does it serve in a modern world? Granted, most of our devices that we use to tell time update automatically these days, and the ones that don’t are easy enough to change, but that’s not the point. Sure,

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the games people play

Wow, how did we get to March so fast?!  Seems like we were only just sludging our way through the year of January, and now we’ve made a slide into March.  My plans to take over the world have fallen seriously behind.  Something must be done! No, seriously, while things are ugly in the world

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running against the clock

A bit of oatmeal, some coffee and we ease into the day.  Well, not so much.  By the time I got to the oatmeal and coffee, I had already walked 1.2 miles, with a train ride in the middle, plus the whole getting out of bed and getting dressed and all of that, including makeup

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