an update from the trenches

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I have been terribly lax with posting and promoting in the last few weeks.  Partly, this is due to being on vacation and taking two weeks to relax in the company of a good friend from England.  We did all the usually tourist-in-San Francisco things, or a good chunk of them.  We also drove up to Vancouver, British Columbia.

It was a beautiful drive with lots of mountains and trees just on the verge of changing colors.  I’d bet another week from now, the trees will be alive with color.

It’s back to the real world this week, however.  The day job is busy, which is good.  There is a big project looming which should keep me busy the rest of this year.

In writing news, I am busy working on my trilogy of paranormal stories.  The middle chunk is mostly done, and I’m working on the first part.  I was hoping to have these ready for publication by the end of the year, but I’m not sure I’m going to make that deadline.

It does give me something to focus on though, so I am going to keep at it, and try to hold myself to that.  Maybe my next post will include a tasty morsel from those books?

We’ll see.  For now it’s time to strap on my shoes and head out to the day job.

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