who wants a vampire story for Halloween?

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It’s the time of year when people turn their eyes to scary stories, to Gothic tomes of vampires and witches and other dark things…well, I do that all year round, but others come to them at this time of year.  What better time than now to explore Forever?

The book has been getting some wonderful reviews.  The most recent review says, “Forever by Natalie Case is dark and dramatic vampire story. If readers are looking for something different than the typical teen angst vampire novels, Forever is worth checking out.”  A fellow author said, “Natalie’s writing is like poetry and adds a new freshness to vampire fiction.”

Does that whet your appetite?  Starting on Friday, you can enter to win one of two signed copies over on Goodreads.  The winners will be drawn on October 31st.

Or, if you wanted to get your hands on it before then, you could hop over to Amazon to buy your copy, in either Kindle or paperback.

If you wanted a signed copy, you can Paypal me $20 (covers the book and shipping for domestic US addresses) to natalie@nataliejcase.com. Just be sure to include your mailing address and what name you want me to use in personalizing.  If you’re outside of the states, email me first so I can get you mailing rates.

I should get myself back to work.  Happy Wednesday, Readers!

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