a whole new world

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This weekend here in the states we had a long weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday.  For lots of folks, that means the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season.  For me it is a chance to get some extra writing time.

This year that extra writing time meant I got to finish the first book in the trilogy I have been working on all year.  There’s something very satisfying in coming to the end of a book.

This story is something that started out as little more than a short story, but grew because the characters grew and as they grew, the story changed and developed a stronger plot, became more than one story.  And as the political landscape in the United States began to mirror some of the political landscape in the story, I couldn’t help but embrace that as well.

A vast departure from my first published book, Forever, this trilogy will navigate the rocky terrain of the US as several tribes of man, once thought to be myth and legend, are brought out of hiding into the harsh light of bigotry and fear. The country will be torn, and in the chaos tribes will come together, relationships will be born and friendships tested.

I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

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