let’s meet the women

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The first book in the Shades & Shadows series, we only meet a few of the women who will become a big part of the series moving forward.  We met Emily Lambrecht, the mother to Alaric, and wife of the leader of their clan and Sahara Katan, a Shifter without a family who reluctantly takes on the responsibility of the two underage Shifters, Mila and Maddie.There are a few minor characters as well, Victoria, Cassandra, Raven and others.

In the second book, however, the women start to come to the fore. Raven Ivany steps up into a more prominent role, as a Shade who works for the same organization as Mason.  New to the story is Zero, who is a teenage Sage on the run from her father.  Keisha joins the cast, a Sage midwife and mother to two teenage boys.

I look forward to introducing all of you to these characters as we get closer to the book being finished.

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