on the need for coffee

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I’m a big coffee drinker.  I like mine dark and fairly strong.  And yes, I freely admit my caffeine addiction.  A day without coffee is a day without sunshine.

As I have many friends who are also authors, it is fairly routine for us to get into conversations where we imagine ourselves in the worlds of our characters, or in the worlds of favorite books.

Recently we started talking about dystopian futures and post-apoc worlds.  It got us talking about living without the common modern conveniences we take for granted. We talked about our survival skills, how we would cook without stoves and ovens and microwaves, how we would hunt or fish, etc.

There was one thing we all agreed on, however.  That one thing was coffee.  We could survive any apocalypse, as long as there was coffee and a way to make it. How about you?  Coffee-fiend? Or is there something else you can’t do without?

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