can you put a price on love?

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I have had a Patreon account for a while, but didn’t really put any effort into it because I wasn’t really sure I wanted to pursue it, and what I could offer as rewards, but I’ve spent the last few days working over there to get something set up.

You can find me at

I don’t expect this to make me a fortune, but I am hoping it will help me put aside some money to invest in books for signing events and the like, as well as save up to be able to afford voice talent to record audio books.

My rewards levels are all pretty low, starting at $1.  At $3, you get first look at the weekly micro/short story.  I will be writing one per week to some prompt and they will get posted first to my Patreon blog.  I will migrate them over here after a couple of weeks, but they will be first for my Patrons.

Most of the levels are under $20, with varying rewards.  So, if you like what I do enough to consider coming along to play, pop on over and have a look.

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