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My Goodreads giveaways ended last night.  A total of 2512 people joined in the fun, and 4 of those lucky people won a copy of my books!  Congratulations to them!  I will get those in the mail over the weekend.  I will probably do more giveaways in the future, but if you wish to purchase signed copies of either book, head over to my shop on Facebook where you can do that.

I really do love giving books away.  And I love connecting with people who have read my books and talking about the stories and how they came to be, whisper hints about what is to come.

I’m really glad I will have a few opportunities to do that this year, live and in person.  The next such event is at the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, California on the weekend of June 3 & 4.  I will have an author table on the Sunday of the event where I will have books for sale and signing.  I hope that readers in the area might make it out to say hello.  I will be able to take cash and credit cards at the table.

Now, with the sun finally out of my eyes, after nearly blinding me as it rose from behind the exit ramp of the Bay Bridge, I will wish you all a pleasant Thursday, exhort you to acts of kindness toward others and yourself, and turn my eyes, and fingers, to words of a more technical nature.

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