Beltane blessings and happy Monday

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May 1st, it’s one of the “big ones” for most modern Pagans.  Beltane is a celebration of life, the awakening of the earth, the dancing of the maypole, the fervor of frenzied mating that calls out to all creation that now is the time to seed the fields.

Many of my Pagans friends were up and out before the dawn, gathering in fields and on hilltops to sing and dance in the daylight, to greet the rising sun with cheer.  It is the time of the maiden, of flower crowns and a heady innocence that leads into day, and as night falls, brings us to the fires to be baptised and raised up, delivering us into the heat and passion of creation.

For the rest of the world, it’s Monday.  A beginning of a different kind.  Here in San Francisco it feels like we’ve finally turned a corner weather wise.  The nights are still cool, but the days are getting warmer.  I’m celebrating with a change of hair color that seems to suit both the holy day of Beltane and the return of the spring.


Yes, I went green this weekend, after spending a ridiculous amount of time getting all of the red out of my hair.  I really like the way it turned out.

Anyway, enough of my prattling at you.  Did you know you can still get Forever  for free (on Kindle)?  Today and tomorrow.  You can’t get much better than Free!  And, while Amara’s story may seem more like Samhain reading than Beltane, who knows when the next time is you can get it for nothing?

So, I’m going to get on with the day job now.  I hope all you Pagans out there have a smashing Beltane, and the rest of you, Happy Monday!

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