bright, burning orb of death

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You’d think that, having lived in California for nearly 17 years now, and having moved here from the heat of El Paso, Texas, I would be accustomed to the heat.  When I left New York for El Paso, I welcomed that heat.  All those years growing up in snow drifts taller than I was made the notion of a few summers over 100 degrees an interesting notion.

When I moved to California, I ended up in a much more temperate zone, but the San Francisco bay area is home to a number of microclimates that start out temperate and even cool near the water, and grow increasingly warmer as you move inland.

For a number of years, my home was in the East Bay, but close enough to the water that I enjoyed fairly temperate summers and the winters were cool and comfortable.  Then I moved inland.

We were over 100 degrees yesterday, and it’s predicted to be hotter here today. It’s barely 10:30 in the morning and we’re already cracking 90.  I had hoped to get out and putter with my succulents today, but I’m guessing I’ll stay inside instead.

I’m focusing today on finishing up the final edit pass on the anthology so I can send it in to the publisher.  It’s an interesting group of stories!  I look forward to getting it out so you can read it.

In the meantime, today is the final day for the 99 cent promo on Forever.  You should grab it, if you haven’t already!

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