where shadows lie

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Saturdays are my writing days.  I spend my mornings visiting in the worlds I have created and drawing out the stories of those who live there.  I have, in recent weeks spent much of my writing time creating a new world, but this morning I am once again submerged into the world that is Shades and Shadows.

My goal is to wrap up this story in this last book, so writing includes a fair amount of revisiting to make sure I pick up all the loose threads of story.  And there are a lot of threads.

As I rework a scene I wrote months ago that involves a rather large scale bombing I can’t help but revisit in my mind all of the terrible acts we can do to one another, the destructive power that is a human being filled with hatred.

It can be easy to lose ourselves in despair as we continue to see this destruction unfold in our real lives.  It can be easy to forget the force for good that is a human being filled with love.

When despair threatens to overwhelm, I have found the best remedy is to counter it with small acts of kindness.  Humanity is found in the smallest acts.

Happy Saturday, Readers!

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