book link and other fun stuff

You might have noticed a few changes around here, which can only mean that the new book is finally here!  You can find Where Shadows Fall on Amazon.  Only the Kindle version is available, but the paperback should follow shortly.

As usual, this also means the push to get reviews, as my publisher’s promotion apparatus only functions well with a minimum of 10 reviews on Amazon.  To help facilitate that, I am setting up an Amazon giveaway of 4 Kindle copies.  I should have the link to that later today.  I’ll update this post when I have it.

Eventually, the trilogy should be available as a set for Kindle, and I’ll probably do a giveaway for that too when the time comes.

And, if you’re more of a paperback person, I’ll have links to those as soon as I have them.  I may even do a flash giveaway of paperbacks just in time for Christmas, provided I get them in time.

Now, however, on this rainy Wednesday in San Francisco, the day job has begun and I must switch from creative word making to technical word making.  Hope your Wednesday is filled with awesome and amazing things, Readers!


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About Natalie J Case

Forever telling the stories that fill my head, in hopes I might keep the tenuous grip on reality that keeps me tethered here among the shadows.