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Have you been waiting to pick up the last book in my Shades and Shadows trilogy?  Now is your time.  For the next four days, April 10 through April 14th, you can get Where Shadows Fall for your Kindle device or app, absolutely FREE!

where-shadows-fallIn the exciting conclusion to the Shades and Shadows trilogy, our heroes face off against a powerful enemy, someone who has been guiding the growing anti-Shade sentiment from the beginning and wants to eliminate all of the tribes.

The world descends into ever darker chaos, and Alaric Lambrecht seeks vengeance. No matter the cost.

In Washington, evil takes another step toward true power. In the west, the 8th Battalion advances a terrible plan. The Shades’ refuge is in ashes.

Alaric’s path takes him deep into 8th Battalion territory, and on a collision course with Raven Ivany and Zero, bringing Shadows and Shifters, Sages and Shades all together against a common enemy.

The question is, can they come together to take the fight to the mastermind who is tearing the country apart – and defeat him?

You have four days to get your copy for free!  I would appreciate a review after you’ve read it,  if you don’t mind.  Reviews help sell books!  Selling more books makes authors happy!  You want to make me happy, don’t you?

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