thanátou is coming

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I woke up this morning to the cover design for Thanátou, The Blood Witch Saga Book 1, which means we’re one step closer to release!

I really cannot wait for y’all to get your hands on this book!

I’m waiting for release dates so I can start sharing character introductions and plan a cover reveal.

I am also working at lining up folks who want to provide early reviews, so reach out if you’d like to participate.

The back cover blurb:


This book includes a bisexual, 32-year-old main character, a pansexual transgender incubus, found family, a desperate rescue attempt, magic, danger and more adventure than our main character can handle.

I’m hard at work finishing up book 2 polishing edits to submit, and hope to have that turned in shortly after Thanátou is released.

Stay tuned for more info, Readers, and have a wonderful Wednesday!

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