Mörderin: The Blood Witch Saga Book 2

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This morning I signed the contract for the second book in the Blood Witch series, Mörderin. This story takes Thána on a new journey to find her long-lost sister. It introduces new races and characters, and presents Thána with new challenges and a rescue that may be more dangerous than the infiltration of the Kourt.

It also introduces Xen, who is both agender and asexual, a Pixin who is friends with Thána’s sister Daria, and accompanies Thána to try to save Daria. They will become a trusted companion who will help Thána survive in a world torn by war.

Here’s the blurb:

Seeking to reunite her family, Thána and her mother Alaina head back to the world where Daria lives with her husband and son. However, the once vibrant city where people traveled freely through a collection of portals has been reduced to rubble and Daria is now a prisoner of the invading army.

With her magic still in nascent stages, Thána agrees to a daring and dangerous rescue mission with Daria’s husband and friends, once again putting her life on the line for a family she barely knows.

To make it work she has to perfect magic beyond her skill set and rely on those she’s only just met, not to mention breaking into a prison camp and getting out again in one piece.

How hard could it be?

And, on that note, I should get the day job started. Happy Wednesday, Readers! May it be filled with joy and kindness!

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