where the edit starts

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It is always a weird transition for me, going from the writing/self-editing phase into working through the edits suggested by someone other than me who has read the manuscript.  I genuinely love the notes that show confusion, because they give me a chance to see the story from a different perspective.

Obviously the passage made sense to me at the time…but now I get to re-read the scene from another point of view, and hopefully clarify whatever was unclear.

It also gives new life to characters that had become intimately familiar, making me step back and see them for not who they are to me, but who the words have created.  I learn something every time.

I should mention here too that I have an AWESOME editor who isn’t afraid to tell me when things just don’t work and who gives me tools to be a better writer.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be half as good at storytelling without her.

I am so very excited to share this story with readers.  In the coming days I will be posting short character introductions, and not just for the characters in this book, but I will include characters that join the cast in books 2 & 3.

First up will be Mason Jerah.  You’ll be meeting him this weekend. I hope to post an introduction on Saturday, between all of my last minute prep for the family holiday.



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