the five tribes of man

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Underlying a lot of the story in the Shades and Shadows universe, is the history of the tribes, most of which has been lost or diluted or re-written.  Each tribe has an inherent “gift” that sets them apart, which is ultimately the cause for the division among them.

Human beings, as a rule, are wary of things that are different, and we can turn on those who seem to have something “more” than we have, those with power we can not understand or control.  So it comes as no surprise that the tribes turned on one another, sometimes banding together to take on one tribe, sometimes all of them killing each other.

In the fallout, one tribe grew in number faster and spread further. Unlike the other four tribes, their gift wasn’t one of healing or magic or other things we would consider paranormal. Their gift, rather, was to be free of the trappings of those things; free to pursue the life they chose.

Unfortunately, they did not see that as a gift, and over time, persecuted the other tribes into hiding. Thus was the history lost, unless the tribe itself kept their own.  With the tribes scattered, even to the point of losing track of their own clans, no one really knows the truth.

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