introducing Bryan Wagner

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Bryan Wagner is a part of Alaric’s clan, a close friend of Alaric’s father.  He has been a part of Alaric’s life for a long time.  As the story opens, Bryan is in his late thirties and with Alaric serves as one of Anson Lambrecht’s Keepers.

Bryan was raised with more formal training than many in the clan and he has good control of his gifts.  He’s a strong reader, is good with projecting glamors to make things and people appear to different and he can project ideas/thoughts into unprotected minds.  These things come in handy when you’re running from someone.

Physically, Bryan is tall, with broad shoulders and big hands.  His skin is tan from hours in the sun, all but a long white scar that runs from his hair line, down over his left eye and onto his cheek.  That eye is blind and white.

Bryan sometimes comes across as a bit crass because he doesn’t waste time with niceties he doesn’t mean.  He’s bold and he is unafraid to voice the unpopular positions.  He is, however, fiercely loyal, first to his clan, then to the clan’s leader, even when he disagrees with a decision that leader has made.

He is not a fan of getting involved in the strife tearing the country apart and he holds very little love for the other tribes, Shades in particular. Bryan was an integral part of the work to bring the scattered clan back together and institute training regimens to strengthen the tribe, though he himself doesn’t really have the patience to be a teacher.


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