introducing Sahara Katan

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Sahara is the first female character I’m introducing, she is also the first Shifter.  Sahara is a woman in her thirties, with mixed heritage that is Indian and Mexican. She is also a Shifter, and her animal form is a large lioness.

We meet Sahara when Alaric and his friends attempt to liberate her, and two younger women, from Omega Labs, an organization with close ties to the 8th Battalion.  While she accepts the hospitality offered, she is wary of the people extending it. Before her capture by the Lab group, she lived a solitary sort of existence for years after the deaths of her immediate family, her mother to cancer, her father to a heart attack.

Sahara is a strong woman, used to doing things her own way, used to letting the cat inside do what it wanted.  In fact, during the rescue, Sahara kills a guard, a fact that puts her at odds with at least one of Alaric’s men.

She becomes a reluctant guardian to the teenage sisters that were rescued with her.  But once accepting the role, she is a fierce and loyal protector, a role that eventually extends to the people around her, including Alaric and his family.


The women really come to the fore in book 2, where we will learn more about Sahara, and meet Raven, Zero and others who will play important parts in what is to come.


BUT, I also have news.  The paperback edition of Through Shade and Shadow is available now and the Kindle version is available for preorder.

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