#amwriting and ask me anything

So, since I’m writing, I’ll be sitting at the computer for quite a bit of time today. Have anything you want to ask me?


I have to admit that I love my weekends, especially weekends like this where I get to live in my pajamas and my big fluffy bathrobe and write without worrying about other commitments.

I’m working on the second book in the Shades and Shadows series at the moment.  I’m nearly through what is technically the first draft, in that large sections of this were written quite a while ago, but the plot has shifted and turned since then, so I’m working on stitching things together and cutting stuff out.

Of course, I will need to start at the beginning again and make sure I’ve weaved in all the ends and that the story is smooth, complete before I send it off to my editor who really does a good spit polish on the whole thing.

Oh, right.  In other news, I woke up yesterday morning to a coveted five star review from Reader’s Favorite, a web site that many Indie authors seek a good review from.  You can read that review on the Reader’s Favorite website.  I was fortunate enough to also get a five star review from them on Forever.

So, since I’m writing, I’ll be sitting at the computer for quite a bit of time today.  Have anything you want to ask me?  I can talk about my “process” such as it is, or answer any questions on Forever or Through Shades or Shadows, though I reserve the right to let you know the answer to your question will be found in the next book so as not to spoil folks.

The comments section is open, ask away!

3 comments on “#amwriting and ask me anything”

  1. I only stay in my night clothes if I too ill to change. I can’t imagine being comfortable in them all day. Have fun writing.


    1. Most of my “pajamas” aren’t so much pajamas, just comfortable clothing. I tend toward sweat pants and t-shirts in the “winter” and shorts and tank tops the rest of the year, and I generally don’t wear the bottoms to bed as I get super hot at night.


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