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I was very fortunate to receive a FIVE STAR review from Reader’s Favorite this week!

Through Shade and Shadow was reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite.

“A cautionary tale with a supernatural essence, Through Shade and Shadow tells the story of two people who are trying to make a difference, to do good and save people from hatred. So much truth is in this novel. There may be Shades, Shadows, and Shifters, but it’s so realistic that it’s eerie. All it took was a Shade being caught murdering people, and then everyone is afraid of Shades, not taking the time to see that at their core they’re healers.”

Read the full review!

Also, a little birdie told me a secret!  The Kindle version of Through Shade and Shadow will be FREE for four days, starting Saturday, February 18th.

I hope you’re all enjoying the book.  If you’ve read it, I hope you wouldn’t mind leaving a review on the Amazon store (US, UK, CA, AU, whichever) and/or Goodreads or other review friendly place.  If you’re a blogger and you post a review, I’d love to hear from you.  Or if you’re interested in an interview or other blogging fun with me, drop a line.

You can email me at natalie@nataliejcase.com.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!

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