introducing Evan Chayton

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Evan Chayton is a Shifter, though he keeps that fact very well guarded.  As he first appears in the beginning of In Gathering Shade, only a small group of people know his secret.  He is also a military man who is assigned to Adam Darvin’s secretive organization.

Raven chooses him to be her handler when Adam sends her on a mission because she trusts that his secret will ensure his loyalty.  After her previous handler turned out to be working for the 8th Battalion, Raven is wary and wants to know she can trust whoever is watching her back.

Evan is a by the book guy, he believes in discipline and protocol, and he doesn’t like showing weakness in any way, but he finds himself vulnerable and exposed when the psychic link between him and his brother forces him to experience his brother’s torture.

Evan grew up in a tight knit family presided over by his mother, who was a force to be reckoned with from as far back as he could remember.  His father was something of a home-body, preferring to spend time keeping their home clean and welcoming, while also supporting the work his wife devoted herself too.

There were aunts and uncles and cousins too, at least while Evan was young.  He started his change early, Shifting for the first time at only nine years old.  They had an older sister, but after an argument with their mother, she had flown away and Evan hadn’t seen her in better than ten years.

Evan and his brother could pass for one another, but they were very different outside the similarity in their faces.  While Sawyer was a risk taker and a thrill chaser, Evan preferred quiet and solid footing.  It was no wonder that when they reached the end of the change and were each fully in control of their Shifting, that Sawyer ended up a spy of sorts while Evan opted for the military.

We meet Evan near the beginning of In Gathering Shade, and he will also play an important role in the next book in the series.


I just returned my manuscript for In Gathering Shade to the publisher.  There will be a cover reveal soon, followed by the actual release!


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