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When you write for a living, both in your day job and on the side, a minor injury that limits your time on a keyboard can sideline you a lot longer than seems reasonable.  I’m a pretty gung ho person with both a high tolerance for pain and a solid work ethic, which means sitting still and doing nothing seems impossible.

I tend to go until I suddenly can’t go.  In the past, this has led to worse injuries and longer recovery times.  I can’t imagine having let this go, even though it seems ridiculous, really, that something so small could have such an effect.  But it has.

A pinched nerve at the base of my neck has reduced my computer time to no more than five hours a day, all of which are allocated to my day job at the moment.  It makes working on the side project difficult, but I get some time in on the weekend, and sometimes in the evenings, depending how everything is feeling.

Of course, then I had to come down with this cold that’s getting passed around.  I got up on Monday with a throat that felt like someone had taken a blow torch to it.  It’s a little better today, but we have the added fun of a chesty cough and nasal congestion.

Still, life goes on.  Currently I am working on a giveaway.  You can enter by clicking here.

Right now it has a signed copy of Through Shade and Shadow and In Gathering Shade,  a Starbucks gift card, a postcard from someplace here in the SF Bay area that I love, and today I will be adding something new.  Each day that there is a new entry, I reach into the prize box in my closet and add something new.   You can enter every day.  Odds are good too, right now I have two people who have made multiple entries and that’s all.  Entries open until 11/15.

Okay, I should stop stealing time from the day job’s 5 hours and get back to it.  Happy Wednesday, Readers!

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