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Today is a day in American culture that seems to scream that you must be paired up, that without a life partner who can shower you with expensive presents on this arbitrary day in February, you don’t matter.

I don’t begrudge those who are happily coupled (or triaded or quadra-coupled, or whatever number works for you), and if you chose to “celebrate” good on you, have fun, don’t put yourself in debt, etc.

Personally, I am generally happy without a partner.  Days like today there’s this false desire to have someone who would bring me flowers or jewelry, even though I know that for the most part, I don’t really want either.  I’m allergic to most flowers, I can’t have candy and I don’t even wear the jewelry I already have…and if I’m honest, I feel nearly all of those things are a waste of money that could be saved to give me what I really would rather have: travel with someone I love.

In other news, I posted a snippet of my new novel-in-progress over on my Patreon this morning, for patrons only.  I’m thinking this weekend, I may do a brief video over there. You should come get in on the fun.  Just a dollar a month gets you in.  Higher support levels bring better rewards.

That’s all for now, Readers!


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