knocked down

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Ever have a cold hit you so hard, so fast that you went from “everything’s fine” to “somebody shoot me” in a single afternoon?

That’s what happened to me last week.  I went to work on Wednesday feeling pretty okay, if a little tired (but tired is a part of the wicked insomnia I’ve been dealing with) and it was around lunch time when I started to feel a little…off.

By 2pm, I knew I was getting sick and I left work early.  By the time I got home, I was coughing, congested, and so tired I could have laid down on the street for a nap.

I was in bed by 6:30 pm that night, and when I woke up before my alarm, I knew there was no way I was going anywhere but back to bed.  I called in sick both Thursday and Friday and spent those two days plus Saturday and Sunday doing a lot of laying around on my bed and couch.

I was supposed to go into San Francisco on Sunday to shoot senior portraits for the daughter of a friend, but had to postpone that.  I was lost in the fuzzy head brain fog that comes with severe congestion, so no writing or editing got done.

It feels like I lost a week of my life.  But, I finally made it into work this morning.  I’m still beset by a hacking cough and head congestion, but it’s all starting to work it’s way out.  Which is good.  I have a life to get back to!

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