exhaustion on tap

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The last three or four nights, I’ve had really segmented sleep that totals to less than five hours per night, most of it in one to one and a half hour increments.  I’ve also needed to be in the office and at all day meetings this week, plus had social engagements with coworkers from out of town.

To say that I’m tired is not enough.

I’m here in the office again today, though today’s meetings aren’t a solid nine hours long.  We have our monthly all hands meeting, followed by break out sessions, which largely means smaller groups of people hashing out issues that were raised in the meetings. Because I’m the technical writer, I’ll likely float between the groups, which means I might find some time to actually squeeze in some actual work.

Which is what I should be doing right now!  I love being in the office this early, when I’m the only one here and I can rock out in my chair to some tunes  and power through stuff I can’t get to once the distractions of the day start pouring in the door.

Happy Wednesday, Readers!  May it be spectacular! I’m off to pour that first cup of Death Wish and kick this day into gear.

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