it feels so good

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Today has been the first real writing day since my step-father passed away in May.  It feels so good to be making words happen again.  I have a lot of other things to do this weekend, but the first was writing.

I have a lot to chose from when I sit down to write, and today I chose to work on a fantasy project that I’ve started a few times, but hadn’t quite found my way into.

This is a project that involves an ostensibly medieval society, with certain elements in that society a fair bit more advanced.  It involves female warriors and scholars who help to maintain the peace between two civilizations who have not yet discovered the world outside their island. It is the first in a series that will follow a young lady named Fred as she discovers not only herself, but the wider world and all that has been done to protect the world she knows as she becomes one of those who protect it.

Today feels good, it feels like this is the way I needed this story to go.  I’m at just over a thousand words right now.

I plan to write until I’ve at least hit 2000.  Then I’ll turn my attention to other things that need me…like laundry and housework.  The other things I’ve barely done since May.

Right then, back to making words.  Happy Saturday, Readers!

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