into the fire

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I’ve been struggling all day to come up with something to write about today that wasn’t just about my terror over money and work, or the impatience of not knowing when or if the unemployment information would come through, or how I’m going to manage healthcare costs if I’m not employed before the end of the month (or if I’m forced to take a contract job where benefits won’t start for 2 months).

I could tell you about my frustration with recruiters who can’t read a map and realize that a six hour drive is not a doable commute, or the ones who think that two hours one way is totally normal.  Or how it seems like all of the people with their hands out seem to come out of the woodwork when you’re unemployed.

It isn’t even that I don’t have work to do.  I currently have a number of freelance editing jobs that will feed me and keep my cats fed for a while, especially with how little I eat these days.  I also have wonderful friends who brought me a bunch of food yesterday, in an effort to help out.

So, if I’m not talking about any of that, what do I have left in me to say on this gorgeous Wednesday afternoon?  If my ankle is done being cranky with me, I was hoping to get out for a hike this afternoon, after a wonderful two mile hike on Sunday (which is probably the cause of my ankle pain).  There is something wonderful about hiking up big hills and over rocks, and through trees that helps settle my soul.

It makes me wish for long weekends in the mountains, and good food cooked over an open fire.

And I think I’ll leave you with that notion, Readers, and get back to my editing.


Photo by Justin Chavanelle on Unsplash

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