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Martin Luther King day, 2021

I don’t often speak about Dr. King on this day we set aside to honor him because I would rather the microphone is passed to those who are still fighting the battle that took his life. It seems disingenuous to me the parrot his words, no matter how wise or eloquent they may be, sitting here in my white skin and privilege in a country that still devalues BIPOC.

The amount of hatred and anger I see in my fellow white Americans toward people they have never met for nothing more than the color of their skin shames me. The white supremacy on display in our nation is disgusting.

This week we will see a black woman take the second highest seat in our country, and I have no doubt that she will be hated just as much as President Obama was. She could single handedly solve the climate crisis, find a cure for cancer and eliminate poverty and she would still be hated. Because of the color of her skin.

The man leaving the white house this week has whipped these people up into a frenzy that has thus far culminated in death and defecation in the home of our governance. He has allowed over four million Americans to die from a virus by not taking action that would have prevented it from getting so bad. He has laid out no plans for vaccine distribution. He forced states to struggle to find and buy PPE for front line workers. He sent unidentified thugs in uniform to terrorize people who only want the police to stop executing them for the color of their skin. He has pardoned the most appalling people (and plans to pardon more). He has spent millions of dollars playing golf.

I could go on, but there would be no point. Instead, I’ll turn this back to Dr. King. We haven’t yet become the nation he dreamed of, where black men and women stand on equal ground with us white folks. All these years later and we are still waging that battle. It is a battle we must ultimately win, friends.

Because, black lives matter. Today and everyday.

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