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Back in the before times, when we could gather in mass to appreciate things we love, I went to a Stargate convention in Vancouver, BC and got to meet a number of wonderful folks involved in the show and make some amazing memories.

One of the highlights of that weekend was my photo op with the “System Lords”.

System Lords in hats

We had a lot of fun getting this pic, from choosing hats and goofing around. They were all wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them.

Stargate is one of those shows that has seen me through a lot of changes, has brought new friends into my life, and it is a world I revisit in a rewatch every few years. Seeing these people interact at the convention, I got the sense that they are all good friends who like to hang out together and love one another.

It was through Suanne Braun’s twitter account this week that I learned that Cliff Simon, the striking fella on the far right, who played Baal, died in a kiteboarding accident. It had the same kind of punch as learning that Kevin Smith (Ares in Xena) had died unexpectedly. Neither of them were someone I spent a lot of time thinking about, but they were also a part of a show that was important to me.

Fortunately for those of us who remain on this mortal coil, we have their body of work to keep their memory warm. And what is remembered, lives on.

Peace to the family and friends that Mr. Simon leaves behind.

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