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Let’s talk about “cancel culture” for a minute. I got to thinking about this the other day, and how folks are up in arms about the idea of “cancel culture”. I mean, what do those words actually mean?

I always thought that canceling something that is a waste of time or money was the right thing to do. Got a subscription to a magazine you never get around to reading? Cancel it. Moving and your new place doesn’t use the same utility companies? Cancel them.

Canceling something that no longer serves you is a good thing.

Let me say that again, canceling what no longer serves you is a good thing.

That celebrity espouses views you find harmful? Stop following them. That politician proves they don’t even hold to their own standards of behavior? Stop supporting them.

That doesn’t make you dismissive. It means that you know the value of your own time and money. It means that you expect those you elect to represent you actually do the job you elected them to do.

Yeah, I struggle sometimes in dividing someone’s behavior or beliefs from the work that they do. When it is heinous enough behavior or expression of beliefs that I feel hurt people, I will choose to no longer give them money. Is that canceling them? Or is it moving my money toward those who do not denigrate others?

And if you decide that it is canceling, then explain to me why that is a bad thing?

We’ve been doing the same thing as long as we’ve been on the earth. Why is it suddenly something to complain about? We each have to decide what is good for us, what we believe and what we support. We each get to decide where and how we spend our money.

Personally, I believe that cancelling something before it begins to weigh you down is one of the healthiest behaviors we can do as adults. Cut it off, cast it aside and keep going, unencumbered by that which no longer serves you.

As always, your mileage may vary, but don’t be afraid to leave that baggage at the baggage claim and get to motoring.

Now coffee and some migraine meds are on deck. And kitty cuddling. You have a great Friday, Readers!

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