friday the 13th

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I know I’m in a minority when I say that I love the number thirteen and even more so when it falls on a Friday. We might say it stems from the fact that I was born on a Friday the 13th. It was September, 1968. My parents were in Florida while my father was stationed in Jacksonville. My mother said that a nurse told her it was Friday the 13th as they took her from labor into delivery.

Should have known then I was going to be a weird one!

Some of my favorite birthdays have fallen on a Friday too. Or, at least, I remember them that way. Memories are strange things, you know? I remember a slumber party where we got to sleep in the camper, a scavenger hunt and even an intimate evening with just one friend where we talked about life all night long.

Thirteen has always been one of my “lucky” numbers…not that it’s ever won me the lottery or anything, it is just always one I gravitate toward.

So, even though this isn’t my birthday on a Friday, I think I’ll celebrate anyway. I hope your Friday the 13th is one to be remembered for all the good reasons. Have that extra cup of coffee, or that piece of cake. Play with the kids. Dance. Make some amazing memories that you can hang on that tired old superstition.

Let’s have fun, Readers!

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

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