the taste of autumn

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There is just the hint of autumn on the air this week. It is different here in California from the autumns I remember as a kid. Back then, this time of year brought the smell of dry leaves and apple cider, the cool temperatures that kissed the grass with frost in the early mornings and the expectation of a new school year, which itself came with new clothes and supplies (yes, my love of pens and notebooks started early).

Here, as we creep out of summer and into autumn, the nights turn cool while the days stay warm. There is no demarcation of a new year to celebrate because the work year runs along without that summer playing in the sun or the start of school, and as adults, I no longer have to wait for September for new clothes (or pens and notebooks).

The night begins to slowly overtake the day, the sun sinking earlier in the day and the nights a little bit longer each day until Yule. Tomorrow marks the Pagan holiday of Mabon, a time of rest and reflection when the harvest is done and stored up for the winter. It is a good time for physical and mental house keeping. Clear out the clutter and sweep out the cobwebs.

I’ve got a little taste of autumn in my coffee this morning, with some Death Wish Pumpkin Chai and some hazelnut creamer. And, I’ve got an hour or so to write before I embark on the day job. I call that a good start to a Monday.

Hope the day treats you well, Readers!

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

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