tripping down memory lane

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Memories are odd things sometimes. A smell can transport us back in time. A repetitive motion can take us to another time. A taste can make us feel like we’re back in our mother’s kitchen.

Sometimes it’s just a flash, a sort of deja vu if you will. Other times it seems like you can just steep in the replay of the moment.

Last night something on TV started a landslide of memories from childhood, memories that infiltrated my dreams last night. Of course, being dreams they were weird and all out of order and mixed in with things from what I’d been watching and normal (for me) dream stuff.

I’ll never understand why the subconscious makes the choices it does when populating the dreamscape. Why is my brother like 8 in my dream, but I’m an adult? Why am I a kid on the playground and so is my mother? Why am I suddenly dreaming about people I haven’t thought about in years?

Last night included memories of my first long-term boyfriend, who I haven’t even thought about in a long time. He was my boyfriend my senior year of high school, for a flavor of boyfriend. We didn’t really “date” other than youth group outings and sitting by each other in church.

I woke up thinking I could smell the cheap cologne he used to wear.

We lost touch a long time ago. He joined the Marines and moved away, then we moved out of NY. I drifted away from the faith that had brought us together (we met in youth group), and moved on into creating the life I have now. I can’t imagine how different my life would have been if we had stayed together.

Now that I’ve taken a trip down memory lane, it’s time for more coffee and the day job. I hope your Wednesday is filled with kindness and wonder, Readers.

Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

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