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I have found my new home! In a little under two weeks, I will be moving to a lovely little townhouse in Stockton, CA. Good thing I was already mostly packed up.

Between here and there I have a lot of cleaning to do and packing to finish. I plan on making a few runs with my sister-in-law’s truck filled with boxes, so there is less the movers have to do. Movers are pricey.

My new place is a small three bedroom, with lots of storage and two full bathrooms. Not that I need two full bathrooms, but you know. And a garage. I’ve never lived as an adult in a place where I had a garage. There’s a fireplace in the living room and laminate floors throughout, goodbye carpet!

It has a cute little balcony on the second floor, perfect for a little coffee spot. I’m also enjoying “shopping” for things I’ll need, by which I mean, throwing all the things I want on a wish list, which can double as an idea list for anyone wanting to do housewarming gifts.

I’m excited to get my new kitchen aid mixer set up in my new kitchen!

I generally dislike moving, at least this part of it. I love setting up a new house though. It’s amazing how much work there is to get done!

My coffee cup is nearing empty, so I guess that means I should get busy. May today be filled with kindness, Readers!

Photo by Michal Balog on Unsplash

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