and we’re done

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Well, not quite *done* exactly. I have finished at the old home. Yesterday I went back to get my succulents and other odds and ends that got left on moving day, and with the help of a friend, we cleaned the place to the point where it is cleaner than it was when I moved in, other than 12-year-old cream-colored carpets that wouldn’t come clean even with bleach.

I have today off work, ostensibly for settling in, but I’m pretty wiped out today, and sore all over. If nothing else today, I need to finish emptying the truck and put the plants out back so I can take the truck back to my sister-in-law and get my car back.

Then I can take the week to slowly begin unpacking. I may try to finish setting up the kitchen today so I can cook an actual meal this evening. My next most important bit is the office, so that it’s set up Wednesday when the cable installer is here.

Once that stuff is done, I think I’ll set myself a goal of at least two boxes per day to get emptied and all the stuff in them can find a home. I have so much more storage in this house! Plus a whole two-car garage, where even more can be stowed.

I still need to come up with a kitchen table and chairs and a washer/dryer, but I figure that’s what tax refunds are for.

I also have a lengthy wish list on Amazon of things I need or would be nice to have in the house. The longer I’m here, the longer the list gets. ( if you’re so inclined).

The cats are starting to settle in. They’ve discovered the joys of a front-facing window on a street with lots going on, and Freya thinks the stairs are an amusement park ride.

For now, however, I’m sipping on some Death Wish Coffee and contemplating a hot shower. I might even find some writing time at some point today. Does anyone know which box I packed Brain, my muse, in?

Photo by Théo Dorp on Unsplash

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