the dark side slump

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I’ve been meaning to write for days, weeks even. My muse seems to have fled the building, taking all of my creativity and such with her, so it’s been a dry month or so. I managed to mostly do a poem a day for April, only missing a couple of days due to either migraines or other impairment.

I celebrated Star Wars Day yesterday and I’m starting to get excited/anxious about Celebration at the end of the month. Between here and there I have a lot of work and such. I continue to love my day job and working from home continues to be the best thing ever.

I have taken up a new creative hobby in acrylic paint pouring. I’m decorating my house, one abstract masterpiece at a time! It is, however, incredibly addictive and I’m running out of wall space! I’m sure I’ll find someone to gift/sell them to.

I have a lot of thoughts about the current political situation, but I’ll save those for another day.

For this Sith Holy Day (Revenge of the 5th), I have some Death Wish Coffee in my Death Wish Coffee cup, a ton of work meetings on tap, and a kitty who thinks I should play hooky and snuggle her.

I hope you are all safe and sane (ish) and wish you good coffee and tasty foods.

Photo by TOMMY VAN KESSEL on Unsplash

1 comments on “the dark side slump”

  1. We all have those times. For me, the idea of a muse is a trap. While it is wonderful when those moments of inspiration appear, writing is work and as such, requires some sort of schedule. I write almost every day at the same time: when I rise. Sometimes it’s just a paragraph. Or revising a previous chapter. But what I’ve found is that this discipline keeps me on track for my WIP. Even though the last 2 years were extremely challenging, teaching 5th grade during a pandemic via Zoom and then dual teaching, and finally with a mask, I still finished one novel and am nearly done with the second. I’m not the fastest writer but this consistency helps me to get my projects done.
    Hope that helps. Good luck to you!


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