meet Daria Alizon Delnar

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Today, I want to introduce you to Daria, Thána’s younger sister.

Despite the fact that they were not raised together, Daria has always lived in Thána’s shadow in one way or another. When they were young, Daria’s life revolved around keeping Thána out of the hands of the Brotherhood. Later, it was about keeping their secret safe.

Daria is a talented potion maker and garden witch, with a gift of prophecy that is equal parts helpful and frustrating. In Vaneesh, where she and her mother settle after secreting Thána away, Daria comes into her own, growing into her gifts and experimenting with new magic whenever she has time.

Daria married a native Vaneesh man named Habros Delnar and has one son, a sensitive young man named Kota. When we meet Daria, she’s been taken by an invading army, forcing Thána once more into the role of family savior.

It’s been nearly twenty-three years since the girls were together and circumstances with push them to overcome the distance to survive.

Mörderin: The Blood Witch Saga Book 2 is coming your way, Readers!

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash

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