meet Anne Gothfried

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The city of Gavelscore resembles London in the 1880s, except the society is matriarchal and women run much of the world. The language resembles Old English, so when Thána is approached by someone who speaks English with an Australian accent, she’s shocked and intrigued.

To hear Anne tell the story, she fell through a hole and found herself in this backward world with no real idea how to get home. She adjusts to her new situation though and makes a place for herself as a gambler, frequenting the taverns and saloons around the country.

When she hears Thána and Daria speaking in English, she introduces herself, drawn to something in Thána, and begins to ingratiate herself into Thána’s orbit, offering her advice in dealing with the people in the small city.

The question is, is Anne friend or foe? What does she have to do with the murders happening around them? And what does she want with Thána?

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