a window into ourselves

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Through Shade and Shadow is set in an America not very different than the one I live in.  Well, maybe a little closer to America circa 2015.  As the book opens in the spring, the political climate is already a little tense, with those who want to claim the Republican party nomination for president already relying heavily on morality rhetoric.

The are quick to point out that the problems that the country has are easy to blame on those “others” that they name, be they Muslims, immigrants, the poor who demand the government support them, etc.

But then, they get handed a new scapegoat when a serial killer is discovered. He is found drinking the blood of his victims which has people speculating that he’s a Shade.  When medical exams conclude that he is indeed a Shade, fear skyrockets and the politicians have a new group to villainize.

Up to the moment that a doctor declares this killer a Shade, Shades were considered to be mythological beings. Little of truth is actually known about them, and even what is has been distorted from the reality.  Speculation abounds and violence follows behind it.

And this is the start of a journey that will take Mason Jerah far, far from the safety of his ancestral home.

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