Introducing Alaric Lambrecht

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Alaric Lambrecht is the second main character in Through Shade and Shadow. As the story opens, Alaric is twenty four years old and he has had a pretty charmed life.  His parents are not wealthy, but they are upper middle class.  He’s never wanted for anything.

At seventeen, his father tapped him to be one of his Keepers, a trio of people from the tribe of psychics, empaths and other gifted folk who help the leader of the clan function, watching out for his mental, emotional and physical well being.

Alaric’s specific gift is empathy, the ability to feel what others feel.  He uses it in an attempt to help his father do his other job, that of city councilman.  Alaric is his aide, does research for him, helps field phone calls and the like.

When he isn’t busy with that, he is helping his mother with re-igniting the structured teaching methods of his tribe, which have largely been abandoned due to the persecutions of the past.

He’s pretty content with his life until people begin to react to the discovery of the Shade serial killer in ways that will threaten his people. As his idyllic life begins to unravel, Alaric must make choices, all of them driving him toward Mason Jerah and beyond him, war.

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