where the sun shines through

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Ah, that feeling of a well deserved and well executed vacation.  Is there anything better?

My mother and I took advantage of the long holiday weekend to visit north of the Bay Area, traipsing through the Avenue of the Giants, up to Eureka, over to a Pioneer Cemetery in Ferndale, CA, down to the Humboldt Bay Wildlife Refuge and out to the Lost Coast.

It was four days of history, nature and photography.  I would have like to have included more hiking, but these days, my mother isn’t up to two mile round trips anymore.

Everywhere we went though, particularly in the forest, I would imagine my characters there, among the trees.  I could see Mason hiking through on a mission, or Sahara hunting in the underbrush.  It was truly inspiring.

I took a lot of pictures, as expected.  I’m still sorting through them all.

But now, it’s back to work!  I’m in the office today and the weekend will see me compiling the anthology of short stories I’m working through and hopefully getting some edit time in on my own next book.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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