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There is a stillness in the woods.  It isn’t something you can find in the hustle-bustle of a city.  It is something unique to the woods.  Step off the paved road and onto a carpet of grass, fallen leaves, pine needles, step between the trees.  You don’t have to go far to feel it.  Just enough that you can’t see the road, can’t hear the cars.

The hush settles over you and that stillness sinks deep into you.  Here, you are connected to the earth beneath your feet, to the years stretching back into the ancient past and forward into the unknown future.

This is one of the places I am home.  All of the anxiety flushes away.  All the worries and needs and concerns drift off and I am at peace.

I took the picture above on my mini vacation earlier this month.  It’s the type of place I imagine Mason feeling quite at home.  I imagine I would live quite happily in some little cabin out there, surrounded by trees older than our country and that stillness.

Of course, only if I had a good internet connection!  I may love that stillness, but I was raised on modern conveniences and I love my internet.

It was something like this I had in mind as I settled Mason Jerah into his childhood home…a place where magic doesn’t seem so much of a stretch, where life teems and the very air seems to vibrate with a feeling of home.

It’s nice this morning, with another busy day stretched out ahead of me, to take a moment and close my eyes to try to recapture that peace, that stillness…before deadlines and emails and to-do lists fill up my attention.

Have a great Tuesday, Readers!

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