it feels good

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There is something about a quiet office in the very early morning when you’re the only one there that is very nice.  I needed to get in early to make up for completely missing yesterday.

I’m dealing with some terrible side affects from a new medication increase, and that on top of the migraine I woke up with made for a really bad day yesterday.  Today, however, is a brand new day.

To help start the day out on the right foot, I popped into McDonalds as I got off the train, and bought a sack full of breakfast sandwiches, which I handed out as I walked the half mile to work. I ran out just as I reached my building.

I can look out these office windows, where I am privileged to work a  good job and see those who are struggling just to stay alive.  It feels good to be able to do something, no matter how small, to help.  No matter how my day is going, it is improved by taking a little time to share a meal with someone or offer them a smile.

I mean, it isn’t monumental.  It doesn’t solve the problem of poverty or homelessness. But for one brief moment there is a human connection, a kindness, something shared.  And it feels good.

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