summer comes

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I’ve always dreamed of getting to watch the sunrise over Stonehenge on the Solstice.  While I’ve seen Stonehenge, it was closer to the Winter Solstice than the summer version.

I’ll admit, summer isn’t my favorite season.  The heat and the sun don’t treat my worn out old body kindly.  But I do enjoy the sunsets and sunrises, when I get the chance to see them.

It’s also the time of the year when I’m the busiest.  This weekend is Pride, and I’m excited for that, especially because I’m bringing my niece to her first Pride.  I don’t mind the busy, but by the time this weekend is over, I’m going to need a really long summer nap!

When I get home tonight I will have a small, impromptu little ritual to honor the turning of the wheel and invite the burning light of summer to clean out the cobwebs, burn out the dark that has collected in the corners (and everywhere else) and bring forth the growing things that have lain quiet in the earth.

I may even try to get out and find a spot of sun this afternoon, though looking at the gloomy skies outside my SF office window, I’m not sure that there will be any to find!

Blessed Solstice, Readers.  May it bring forth a bounty in your life!

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